Soloing The Grand Teton
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This is the World's most comprehensive overview of the Grand Teton's Upper Exum & Owen-Spalding routes. Our goal is to guide you safely to the summit and back to the trailhead in one day without gear or guides. You can still access our blog at to find trip reports and links to useful information.


Here are some marked up Route Photos.


June 16th Conditions OS
June 23rd Conditions UXM & OS
June 30th Conditions UXM
July 4th Conditions OS
July 14th Conditions UXM & OS
August 4th Conditions OS
August 11th Conditions UXM
September 14th Conditions UXM
September 15th Conditions OS
September 21st Conditions OS
October 26th, 2013 Conditions OS

June 23rd 2012 Conditions UXM
June 16th 2012 Conditions OS
October 13th 2012 Conditions OS


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